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The Marriage of Freyr and Gerd 
Tune: “The Rovin’ Dies Hard” by Battlefield Band, album "Home Ground" - Listen on YouTube

One day, up in Asgardh, Freyr sat on the throne 
That Odin did use to look over Midgardh 
He saw a dark place with a beautiful face 
More lovely than any in Asgardh 
So he turned to his servant, named Skirnir, and said 
"Bring her to Alfheim, to her I must wed!" 
So Skirnir rode into the castle of Gymir that day 
For the marriage of Freyr.

Frey's servant approached close to Gerd and said 
"I've brought along with me the riches of dreams 
"If you 'd come with me Freyr wants to take you away 
"And make you his beautiful Queen." 
She spired at the servant and told him to go 
"I'll never love Freyr, and I'm rich, don't you know!" 
So Skirnir returned back to his master only to say, 
"She won't marry you, Freyr." 

Frey cried out in anguish, his heart rent in twain 
But the clever man, Skirnir, had devised a plan 
He'd bring Freyr's sword down on the giantess' crown 
And destroy all the giants' home lands 
He'd spare them if Gerd to the marriage agreed 
And subjected herself to Freyr's fertile seed 
So off Skirnir went again to obtain Gerd's willing fay 
To the heartbroken Freyr.

When Skirnir arrived and he threatened the giant 
She asked him to spare her home land from the fury 
She agreed to wed Freyr in eight nights and one day 
So Skirnir returned in a hurry 
He gave the good news to the Lord of the Vans 
Freyr waited nine days with his heart in his hands 
Gerd met up with him in a forest upon the ninth day 
To be married to Freyr.

© Karl Donaldsson, 16 August 1996
The Hearth of Karl Donaldsson

Image: One of several kinds of so-called "Guldgubber" (thin gold foil found in, assumedly, sacrificial deposits).

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