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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Nature of Things

A lone leaf falls to the ground, alone,
The Flowers have all withered and died;
Frost and Ice have grasped us, chilling to the bone,
We thought that life would continue forever - we lied;

Hella calls to those whose death came in due time,
Valkyries, blood-winged, gather the fallen,
A pig squeals, food for the hearth, it's slaughtering time,
All answer Death's chilly call, beast, man, and women;

Many fear this fateful day,
Some long for it to come their way;
Others, like me, just sit and wait,
It will come when my Wyrd decrees, hell, this *is* Fate,
No man can control it, no witch defy,
The ultimate end, all things die...

Justin J. Carlson 2005



Images: "Skull", clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery on Discovery Education

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