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The Norsemanīs Home        MP3

The Norsemanīs home, in days gone by,
Was on the rolling sea,
And there his pennon did defy 
The foe of Normandy.
Then let us neīer forget the race
Who bravely fought and died,
Who never filled a cravenīs grave
But ruled the foaming tide.

The noble spirits, bold and free,
Too narrow was their land.
They roved the wide expansive sea
And quelled the Norman band.
Then let us all in harmony
Give honour to the brave.
The noble, hardy, northern men
Who ruled the stormy wave.

Original: "The Hardy Norseman", words and music Norse Traditional
Song mentioned 1863 in the "South Australian Register" newspaper
New lyrics to known tune written by William Morris, England, 1878

Free Sheet Music Download here at SheetMusicPoint or here at Library

This lyrics version: Author unknown to me. Sung at the Up Helly Aa festival.


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