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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Old Anew

To walk under His gaze
Is no easy thing.
To walk under oneís own
Harder it is still.

A modern man with an ancient heart
Struggles to find his way.
To make his kinship strong
And befriend others every day.

To keep oneís honor
When otherís canít or donít.
To be a solid symbol
For man and youth alike.

It takes a certain knack
To be faithful to the old
Yet bring a vibrant life
And make the new unfold.

Our forebears silently watching
To see if we honor them
Not just by words or tokens
But how we act and fain.

The challenges may be different
No axes or swords are needed.
But how we stand to face them
At the core remains the same.

A reflection in the cycle
Is how we live our lives
The wheel is sure to wobble
By us how, where, and why.

Our hearts move steadfast forward
Our minds recall the past
We are the living memory
Of all our blood sung high.

By Marshall Stands
Released into the Public Domain 2010

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