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The Son of inn                 The Minstrel Boy Sheet Music
Tune: "The Moreen", Irish tune       The Minstrel Boy Midi
used for "The Minstrel Boy" by  Thomas Moore (1779-1852)

The son of inn goes forth to war,
A kingly crown to gain,
His raven banner streams before,
Who follows in his train?
Who best can bear a hero's wyrd,
Who fears not death nor pain,
But strikes with spear and never yields,
They follow in his train.

The son of inn goes forth to war,
To break the White Christ's power,
Wolves fare beside and valk'ryies o'er,
To ward him in his hour.
With Norseman's wildness, Saxon strength,
In warrior's fullest flower,
The eagle screams, the thunder roars
In our rebirthing hour.

The son of inn goes forth to war,
Amid runes burning red,
With mighty songs and wisdom-redes,
That flow from Mmir's head.
He fights for our rewakened gods,
Till foes are slain or fled,
And ever flies the raven black
Above the mighty dead.

KveldlfR Gundarsson

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