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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Stone Trail             Poetic Form: Terza Rima

Above me is the blues sky, brightest shining sun;
Below me, morning mist shrouds meadow, forest, plain;
Between them is the stone trail where my steps must run.

Above me glimmers Asgard, All-Fatherīs high domain;
Below me, Hellaīs quiet halls safely hold the dead;
Between them is green Midgard, mankindīs might and main.

Above me, twigs and branches of the World-Tree spread;
Below me, from a cold Well crystal water flows;
Between them stride the stern Gods to their judgment seat.

Above me flickers wod-flame, freedom, madnessī throes.
Below me, bonds of wyrd-thread, webs of frost are spun.
Between them is the narrow ledge where my path now goes.
Between them is the stone trail where my steps must run.

Đ Ben Waggoner

Ben Waggoner has translated numerous Old Norse Sagas. His books on Lulu.


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