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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

The Whey
Parody on "The Way”, lyrics Tony Scalzo 1998, performance by Fastball

The Way Midi (ext. link)
"The Way" Official video & music clip
(->archive; scroll way down and click on the "listen" link to the right)

He made up his mind, while he was drinking 
He drank until the sun came up that day 
And in his stupor, he had done some thinking 
But how was he brewing with ever knowing the whey 

He went to the store, and he started browsing 
The clerk just watched him with nothing to say 
He left with a mix packet and a carboy 
But how was he brewing without ever knowing the whey 

Chorus :
Everyone can see the beer that he’s brewing is dark, not gold, 
It smells like potatoes that grew some mold 
It seems rather nasty and has some sludge that’s grey 

It’ll be really fun to watch him choke it down 
The winner of the Loser’s Brew Crown 
I’ll never drink something that someone would brew in this way, this whey 

He took his kit home, and he started brewing 
He brewed until the sun came up that day 
A vat of boiling water and the mix pack 
But how was he brewing without ever knowing the whey 

Three months had passed, he went to the cellar 
Thinking he’d be “The Man” of SCA 
He took a big swig from the clouded vessel 
And died in his basement without ever knowing the whey 


© Karl Donaldsson 1998
The Hearth of Karl Donaldsson

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