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Ullr's Yule Gift                Ullr's Yule Gift MP3 (1,4 MB)
Tune: 16th century Latin carol, "Psallite Unigenito", which was taken from an earlier German tune.

Forth we go!
Into the driving snow!
Yule tree seeking, Yule tree lofty!
Forth we go!
Yule log´s might and main we´ll bring,
With Yuletide blessing, needles green,
Into the fire´s glow.

Cold winds blow!
Sun is sinking fast!
Winds are whipping round our heads!
Cold winds blow!
So our hearts are filled with dread:
Where are we now? Naught can we see
Within the blowing snow.

Look you there!
Footprints in the snow!
Criss-cross pattern, snowshoe-sign!
Look you there!
Mighty strides a man is taking
Forth into the forest deep,
His steps will show us where.

Round about,
Snowshoe tread is there,
Ringed about a mighty tree!
Round about,
Ullr´s marked his gift to us!
So let us take it, hasten home,
Give thanks with a glad shout!

Well we know
Now our pathway home!
Snowshoes´ shining trail we see!
Well we know
Ullr´s path; our Winter God
Gives us his blessing, we are glad:
Let us invite him home!

Home we go!
Out of the driving snow!
Yule tree sought we, Yule tree bear we!
Home we go!
Yule log´s might and main we bring
With Ullr´s blessing: let us sing
Around the fire´s glow!

© Lyrics: Winifred Hodge Rose    Frigga's Web
Voice: Michaela Macha

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