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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Until the Day (A Poem to Odin)

Burning flame, fuel my passion
Give me the drive to take action
To face my challenges and come out strong
To prove to the world that they were wrong

Give me the strength to conquer all
Force them to their knees and take the fall
Allow me power to slay my foes
And face them who dare bring woe

Grant me the bravery, the power, the lust
To demolish all who oppose me into fine dust
Allow me to scream your names to the sky
Until time itself stops, and the valkyries fly

Until then I'll prepare and rejoice
Give you praise with all of my voice
Odin the mighty, the Allfather, the true
I pray to you to grant me the power to do

All that I must, and all that I shall
Until the day that I finally, finally fall

Alexander Hall

~Axlazu on DeviantArt

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