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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



The past of my forgotten ancestors calls me
To return to a forsaken homeland
In the middle of the deep blue.
The people have all changed;
The beliefs have been destroyed,
But the mountains still remain.

Over the sea to the land
Where the tree of the world grows.
If I have money, can't I pretend
That centuries have not passed
And that I am home again?

The boats have grown larger,
And the horses have become
Nothing more than horse power.
Is really all that remains
Trapped between the walls
Of an educational nightmare
For yawning school children?

My heart aches for something
That no longer exists. A past
That has been forgotten and overshadowed
By luxurious bathing pools,
Tire tracks and camera flash.

Take my money, all I've saved,
And return my homeland to me.
Take your five star cruise boat
And give me a wooden battle ship.
I want to see the land that the people worshiped
And that the great Gods walked upon.


HeartsNeverBreak on DeviantArt

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