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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Valhalla Awaits Me

The reverberation of battle is in my head,
Swords clash as bodies lay dead.
Into Valhalla, I shall be led
With a sword held in my hand,
I shall board the other land.

There my brothers wait
Death approaches, It's my fate.
So brothers I won't be late,
soon I'll join you in that hall
Reunite shall we all. 

When I reach Valhalla's door
and I lay my foot on that sacred floor
I shall be mortal, no more.

Valhalla awaits me, crack open thy door
For when I fall, Valkyries will carry me 
To that hall...

Bashir Sarieddine        Bashir on Facebook

Image: " ", Konstantin Vasiljev, Russian painter.

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