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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Tune: Viima (Cold Wind)  Listen on YouTube
from "Karelia Visa" by Hedningarna, 1999 

Behold, Balder the Brave, Balder invincible 
Behold, Balder the Strong, Balder the beautiful 
Ošinn's son, dutiful 

All the stones and the trees, all the beasts will forego 
All harm to Balder, all except young mistletoe 
Don't make an arrow 

Courtyard filled with Aesir, filled with Vanir, to play 
Casting their weapons, their mirth did display 
No thought give did they 

Blind Hoš sought to honor his young kinsman fair 
His shaft guided by the Trickster through the air 
Only one knew where 

Behold, Balder the Bloody, Balder had been slain 
Shock and confusion, who had this to gain 
Ošinn cried out in pain 

"Call forth brother Vali, he will claim our vengeance 
"Slay blind kinsman Hoš, beg for Hela's good sense" 
Proper repentance 

Behold, Balder the Brave, Balder returning 
Behold, Balder the Strong, next world is earning 
Ošinn is yearning 

© Karl Donaldsson

The Hearth of Karl Donaldsson

Baldur: Illustration by E. Boyd Smith, in: "In the Days of Giants: A Book of Norse Tales" (1902). Public Domain

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