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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Valkyrie in My Pocket
Tune: "Angel in my Pocket"

I am a raging battlemaid
I really rock the house
I live in Germanic legend
With Sigurd as my spouse
I don't suppose you've seen me,
Or that you really should;
Though I'm warped in Wyrd's weaving
I'm not what you'd call good.

Before I was a Valkyrie
I was a maiden in a bower
Valfather Himself picked me,
And gave me Choosing power.
Now Odin has many Choosers
That He trains on battle fields
We become His arms and legs
Because His tools we wield 

And because Odin is so busy
With way too much to plan
He said that my assignment
Was to pick the best fighting man

When He tucked me in your pocket
He blessed you with Chooser's care
And you should burn on a pyre
Rest assured I will be there.

Cynthia Haywood

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