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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Vanir Carol                     Vanir Carol (Recorder) 0,5 MB
                                      Vanir Carol (Vocals) 1,7 MB

Now the winter wind blows cold, now the turning year grows old;
While the world is held in thrall, let the Yule fire warm our hall.

Freyr and Freya now we pray,
bless our yuletide feast today!

Lovely is the evergreen: Holly´s King and Ivy´s Green;
Rosemary and fragant bays deck the tokens of our praise. -- Chorus

Of all the gods have given men, we give a portion back again--
Wheaten bread and honey wine, ripened fruit and cornfed swine. -- Chorus

Lady, bless us with your love as you bless the gods above;
Lord of Luck, we sing to you, make life leap in us anew. -- Chorus

Bless the master and the maid, the child within the cradle laid,
Bless our bread and bless our beer, prosper us throughout the year. -- Chorus

Put the darkness now to flight, bless the waiting world with light;
Health and strength for each one here give us in the coming year. -- Chorus

© Lyrics, music Diana L. Paxson 1984

© Vocals, Recorder Michaela Macha

Diana is member of The Troth and Gyðja of the seidh group Hrafnar. 


Image: Free graphic from Acadie´s Art Gallery.

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