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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Viking Summer

Sailing, sailing, my hand upon the prow
Sailing, sailing, my helm upon my brow

Landing, landing, we row the ship to shore
Landing, landing, and now we go to war

Fighting, fighting, here we kill and die
Fighting, fighting, I hear the Ravens cry

Plunder, plunder, we carry all we can
Plunder, plunder, we sacrifice to Ran

Rowing, rowing, heading North and West
Rowing, rowing, sea steeds on the crest

Feasting, feasting, kith and kin in hall
Feasting, feasting, heil the land wights all

Althing, Althing, to the Thing we wend
Althing, Althing, to politics we tend

Heil, heil, we sing a toast to Thorr
Heil, heil, before we go to war

Hildulf Hlorrithisson     The Ulfar Gardhr

Image: Illustration by Viktor R. Lambdin for "Viking Tales" by Jennie Hall, 1903

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