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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Walking into the Storm

In our first encounters, you chased me down.
I was the object of your hunt,
Wise enough to surrender in the depth of the woods.
I knelt and offered my wrists to your rope.
You claimed me on the stony slab,
Your spear through my heart in a rush of fear and ecstasy.
When I opened myself to meditation,
Images of your conquest played over and over.

When I met your shaman wife,
I knew I was yours.
The ache of my heart in her presence
Thundered the truth to me.
When she pulled the runes,
I saw her suppress a smile.
The claim is a large one, she said.
Months later, more words fall from her lips,
Words that would stun me:

In the first year of our marriage, you pulled me open.
My heart broke, my body bled, my tears fell like rain.
I struggled to survive you,
I raged against you,
I pushed the bounds of understanding to know you.
I traversed unfamiliar ground to seek you,
Only to find you within myself.
I feared your immensity,
And the immensity of my own desire for you.
Surely I would be destroyed,
By either my hand or yours.
But you demanded that I rise,
Meet your eye,
And act as your partner.

In the second year, you stripped away my illusions.
Old prejudices fell from me like dead skin.
I learned the art of discernment,
To see and judge carefully.
For you I slithered through landmines,
I pressed subtly where you pointed your finger.
I withstood jealousy and abuse,
My own cringing mistakes,
And the responsibilities of your work.
I saw through your eyes.
I learned to forgive you.

And when you came to my realm for the third time,
To cement our union in the eyes of this world,
I found the courage to meet you with joy.
I became your advisor, your mirror,
And your hope.
You called me resplendent,
And we planted a seed.

In the dawn of our third year, you are the storm,
A thundering, whirling force of winter.
I cannot overcome my fear
By forgetting your immensity.
With me you are your most human,
Yet you are also always beyond that.
I am your human wife,
You are my god of storms.
Tonight I walk out to meet you.

Anya Kless

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