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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Warrior's Lamentations

My body is weak and numb from the cold,
As is my soul it seems, from the endless battle
And the pain and stench of death all around me.

I do not complain, I only pause in this short respite.
I pause to collect my scattered thoughts, images, and feelings,
That I may become a human once more...
If only for a moment.

I will force my memories,
I will raise them up to the surface of my mind.

There was a woman once; I remember her touch, her scent.
There was a family; I remember the sound of laughter around the fire.
A home...Ah yes, I remember it now; it was warm and safe,
hewn by my own hand, it was a good place to be...I remember.

The clash of steel and the sound of dying men awaken me.
My joints have grown stiff during this short time, but I must rise.
My tears have stained my dirty face with muddy trails.

I must fight now. I must bury my humanity
Once more and enter the fray.
I must prevail...I must live.

Though death beckons, inviting...
I will resist her temptations.
I will live this day no matter the costs,
For one day...I will be human again.

Alf Herigstad

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