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Weihnachtsspruch                                               Weihnachtsspruch MP3
Tune: “Am Weihnachtsbaum die Lichter brennen”                 Weihnachtsspruch Sheet Music
(“On the Yuletide Tree the Candles Gleam”, German folk song)

Verse 1

With flick’ring candles the Yule tide tree is
A glorious sight for all to behold
It calls to kin-folk, it says “In me
Is true faith and frith for young and old”

Verse 2

The youngsters all with their laughing faces
Gladden our hearts and cheer our sight
Wait for the Disir to fare to Frithgarth
By hearth-fire bright on this Holy Night

Verse 3

The Mothers enter the hall unseen and
No eye beholds them standing there
Give rede to Gythia and near the tree stand
Before they turn and leave us here

Verse 4

“All you be blessed, yes ev’ry old one
And all you young kin, also be blessed
Frey’s gifts are withheld this day from no-one
Be brown your head or white hair tressed”

Verse 5

“To all Tru-kinsfolk who love each other
With Holy Rede from the Frey we came
And through the year if your hearts be noble
We will return to this house again”

Verse 6

No single ear heard a whisper spoken
And ev’ry kinfolk’s eye was blind
They came and then went, leaving the token
Of Freyr’s love and blessing behind.

© Translation - Frank 1997, Adapted by Anna Stockinger 2007

This work by Anna Stockinger is licensed
under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives License.

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