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Werthende: Song of Becoming      Werthende: Song of Becoming MP3 (1,3 MB)
(Werthende = the Norn Verdandi)

Red the threads of Werthende´s weaving,
Blood of birth and life brings she.
Her needle´s point, a world unfolding:
The endless Now of budding deeds.

The wave of Time moves on unmoving,
Just as a wave moves not the Sea.
All flows past that point of shaping:
What is becoming, what should be.

Pierced with knowledge no words capture,
Thread on which worlds hang like pearls,
The soul is strung, that seeks to venture
Within the Well´s green-shaded furls.

Cupped in moss, the deepest wonder
Of all that is, lies hidden here.
Drops of dew, the Tree´s deed-plunder,
Fall through boughs like sweat and tears.

A mighty maid, come from the East-lands,
Gowned in red sits spinning there,
With sisters two; their threefold shaping
Weaves a web both dark and fair.

And over all, the great Tree arches:
The shape of all that has been won.
Life flows through its limber branches:
Thread that Werthende´s hands do spin.

© Winifred Hodge Rose         Frigga's Web

Original tune: "Jenta I Saueflokken", Nordisk Sang #4, slightly adapted by Winifred.

New tune, voice by Michaela Macha.

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