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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

When I die

When I die let me fly upon the backs of ravens
Between the mists that clad the worlds
Spun out amongst the drifts of Yggdrasil's arms
As I soar from this shell, nothing but a memory

Let others sing of my deeds, the man that I was
In the swirl of wind-blown black feathers
The haunting echo of voices from the rocks
And the rustle of the leaves as the trees chatter

Endlessly as it was from the beginning from the void
Winging past to lands seen only in the rainbows
Shimmering off of dark wings in a glory of light
The flash of gold as the sun falls 'neath the hills

Spiraling upwards what will I see if I can look
The guardian with his horn and golden grin
Or the fields where the warriors hone their skill
Thoughts of a single tree bearing fruit

Let the memories remain behind me
Cast for others to see in their glimpses of the tree
In those lost moments wandering between worlds
Borne upon the backs of Thought and Memory



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