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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


When the Wolf-Wind Blows

When the wolf-wind blows,
Shivering the candles that flicker in my soul,
Driving me to hide in a corner of myself,
Odin, be with me.

When the world is wild,
When it spits and seethes like a bitter, haunted sea,
When my shrinking shore seems too small to harbour me,
Odin, be with me.

When the light is dim,
When the crooked path which we walk in search of God
Starts to lose itself in the mazes of the mind,
Odin, be with me.

When in realms of lies,
Told by living tongues in their wordy labyrinths,
Give me, in your bounty, the wisdom of the dead;
Odin, be with me.

When I cannot climb,
When the voice of darkness is calling up to me,
When I must go down by the ancient, evil stair,
Odin, be with me.

When the devil roars,
When I need a mind and a myth to capture him,
Chain him down in writing where he can do no harm,
Odin, be with me.

When the evening sky
Draws aside its veil and reveals its silver hoard,
Yet no breath of prayer comes to guide me through the worlds,
Odin, be with me.

When in fiery ice,
Burning in the blizzard and freezing in the flames,
When I need a shield and a sword of icy fire,
Odin, be with me.

When the road is long,
When my courage fails in the grey and grinding days,
When I need the dream of Valhalla in my soul,
Odin, be with me.

Jeremy Hirst

Image: Solitary leaf hanging in the cold winder sky. Lachlan Donald from Melbourne, Australia.
This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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