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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Wind and Rain

Wind and Rain
Biting Hard
Getting new
Battle scars!

From the north
I have sailed
Going into battle
By Odhinns heil!

It is dark
I have won
Flames now bright
As the sun!

Here we are
A northern band
We have settled
This new land

In this new land
Here we dwell
Any who bar us
We send to Hel!

The wolfs cry
The ravens caw
Blood and honor
This is the law!

Bone and thew
Might and main
This we honor
They bring us gain!

Sword and shield
Axe and spear
Fight the good fight
Death holds no fear!

Heil the Gods
Wish them well
At Ragnarok fight
All those in Hel!

Hildulf Hlorrithisson     The Ulfar Gardhr

Image: Illustration by Victor R. Lambdin, for "Viking Tales" by Jennie Hall, 1903.

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