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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Wisdom came with the loss of one of his eyes,
Half the world's light lost, and all
To delay darkness and doom and jotun's lies.

More wisdom won in Im's father's hall
With wagered head and hidden name.
More learned of doom, and still comes the fall:

The Muspell-hordes with swords of flame,
Belt of the Earth and Grim One's Bane,
Sigyn's man fighting without shame.

Wyrd ordains death on Vigrid plain:
Loss and grief and Hel's open door,
Surt's fire through every domain.

Still will the Wanderer plan for the war,
Gather his forces, pit man against man.
Is it reversal he seeks, or what more?

Sorn Skald 6/18/2005

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives License.

You can find SornSkald on FaceBook.

Poetic form: Terza Rima

"Odin Exchanging His Eye for Wisdom", Madeline von Foerster 2004, oil on panel. 
Cover artwork for "On Being a Pagan" by Alain de Benoist. Used with her kind permission.
Print available at  Madeline von Foerster Artworks.

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