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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Wotan (Heart of You)
Tune: "Jolene" by Dolly Parton; original lyrics(external links).
For any guitar pluckers, that’s Am, C, G, Am, G, Em, Am.
For singing along, ignore the original´s chorus.

Your weathered face it makes me stare
with cloud gray beard and wind wild hair
and a single eye of ice and cold steel blue.

I've wondered on you many times
Sought my heart and soul to find
the mystery that is the heart of you.

Wisdom I have come to ask
from a crystal well of shattered glass
with a cup of mead that flows only from you.

Knowledge I have come to gain
In an old Ash tree with bitter grain
where once you hung for nine nights through.

I still cannot find my way
the mystery and branches sway
they are a maze where I claw my way to you.

The noose you've slipped around my neck
the rope it burns; the ravens peck
at my eyes til they grow dim and blind.

Thought it beats its wings so loud
and memory's a coal black cloud
with cruel claws that rip their way through me.

My soul soars from out my head
my body is damn near dead
and it seems the runes dance right before my eyes.

I still cannot reach them all
with outstretched hands I will fall
into the arms of you on earth below.

And as I stare up at the tree
its beauty cries out desperately
and I realize it is the heart of you.

© 2006 Matilda Marks 

Image: © John Howe, www.john-howe.com

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