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Yrminsul                            Yrminsul MP3 (1 MB),  Lo How a Rose - Midi

Tune: "Es ist ein Ros entsprungen" ("Lo How a Rose/ A Spotless Rose is growing"),
German, Cologne 1599, publ. by  Michael Prätorius 1609

There is a Tree grown mighty, from out a bleak gap sprung,
Of kind and form most wondrous, as those of old have sung.
From highest heaven unfurled,
Rooted in deepest lifesprings: Foundation of the World.

The Tree of which I sing now, as spoke the Seeress' rede,
As Yrminsul was honored, harvest of ancient deed,
Holds yet its holy truth;
From deep within its being, the Yulewheel shining forth.

© Winifred Hodge Rose   Frigga's Web

Voice: Michaela Macha

Image: "Irminsul", © Jeroen van Valkenburg, 2000. Gallery of Jeroen van Valkenburg
This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


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