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Yule Feasting Song          Yule Feasting Song MP3 (2,7 MB)
Tune: Diana L.Paxson
Alternative tune: "Good King Wenceslas", trad.

Ingvi-Frey, the King of Bliss,
Lord of love and gladness,
Giver of the harvest gifts,
Let him banish sadness!

Hail him now and give him thanks,
Ask him for his blessing!
Always give back gift for gift:
Let not friendship lessen!

Freya, golden Vanadis,
Mighty Queen of magic!
Join us for our Yuletide feast,
Share our fun and frolic!

Hail her now and give her thanks,
Ask her for her blessing!
Always give back gift for gift:
Let not friendship lessen!

Mighty Thor the Thunder-God,
Midgard´s great defender!
Redbeard, share our meat and mead,
Lest you grow too slender!

Chorus: Hail him now...

Sif the shining Harvest Queen,
Thor´s beloved helpmate,
Thrudheim´s graious chatelaine,
Bles us as we fill our plates!

Chorus: Hail her now...

Woden, Wish-God, wisdom´s Lord,
Wod and wonder-bringer,
Tell us of your treasure-hoard,
Give holy mead to singers!

Chorus: Hail him now...

Frigga, hearth and home´s bright core,
Giver of life´s blessings!
Keeper of the secret lore,
Including lore of dressing!

Chorus: Hail her now...

© Winifred Hodge Rose   Frigga's Web
Voice: Michaela Macha

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