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~ Poetry by me ~


Prayer to Frey, God of the Body

Frey, God of the body as well as of the soul,
teach me to become better friends with my body.
Often I ignore it, or do not fulfill its needs properly.
Yes, sometimes I am angry at it for hampering me.
Then I forget that without a body, I would not be here at all.
I would not have breath to say this prayer to you.
I would not be able to enjoy food, or drink,
and all the other gifts of the earth that my senses enjoy.
You provide me everything my body needs to survive,
and with more good things that make life worth living.
Remind me to take as good care of my body as of my spirit,
each in its own measure and according to its needs.

2007 Michaela Macha

License: This poem may be freely distributed, provided it remains
unchanged, including the copyright notice and this License:

This work by Michaela Macha (www.odins-gift.com) is licensed
under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives License.