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~ Poetry by me ~



Short Poems of Devotion


As deer stand in the torch-light´s glare,
As fools into a gold-hoard stare,
So lovers, blinded, all will dare
And for the danger do not care.

Like moth to light I come to you
Desiring what I´ll surely rue
Brief rapture, then I pay my due
Within the flame I should eschew.


Fettered my hands now,
Fettered my heart -
I give myself
All that I am
My breath and my blood
Teach me - dare me
Touch me - tear me.


Not golden was the ring you gave,
A woven circle was my bond;
No keys you gave me, yet with iron
Unlocked the inmost of my heart.

No carpenter did craft the bed
Of living wood on which I wait
Suspensed in agony of bliss
My soul freed by your searing kiss.


Be my first thought at waking,
Be my last thought at night;
When I drift into darkness,
Let your name be my guide.



The scales are tipping -
Heavy one half 
With granted gifts
The other now fills
With pain I pay
Thus the score evens.

File:Brass scales with cupped trays.png


Rugged gray rock in the rage of the ocean,
Firm rest in thundering tides:
Time and again you have saved me from drowning--
And now I shall break on your crags.

At Last

Will I finally find you at the end of days,
Will you beckon me follow as I see your face?
I shall not ask whither, I shall not ask why
But follow beside you  to Hel or the sky.


Left to Say

What shall I say to you? You are my Lord;
Giver of verses, wisdom's hoard.
The path ahead and darkness blend
And I shall follow to the end.

On my Birthday

Happy I am, on this day of my birth.
Long may I serve you, in sorrow and mirth.
May the pen write your praise, and the words prove of worth
Till my soul goes to you, and my body to Earth.

Open the Gates

Open the gates of my soul
that I might sing
Open the gates of my mind
that I might learn
Open the gates of my heart
that I might love.



Lord, I am yours to use as you choose,
Be it pencil and paper, or spear and the noose.
This day and all days I am born once anew--
May all my steps lead me onward to you.






"Do you trust me?"- "I trust you like death."




Concern    (Haiku)

Dying for you, Hár,
Holds no fear; what scares me is
Living without you.


My blood, my blót      
rushes to meet you.
I hold nothing back.



Undertow    (Haiku)

Gasping on the beach
I yearn to swim back to
the tide that drowned me.






© 2005-2018 Michaela Macha.

License: These poems may be freely distributed, provided they
remain unchanged, including the copyright notice and this License:

This work by Michaela Macha (www.odins-gift.com) is licensed
under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives License.

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