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~ Poetry by me ~


Way Home


I'd long given up on finding a creed
When one of you called, and my heart gave him heed.
I followed his footsteps and found all of you,
To Aesir and Vanir I since have been trú.

A fountain to one who is dying of thirst,
Healing of soul when life's at its worst,
A home for one who has wandered too far,
You have been for me, o my Gods, and still are.

A beacon in darkness, a staff for my road,
Endurance and strength to lighten my load,
A touch of kindness when I felt all sore,
All this you have given me, Gods, and still more.

My gratitude words alone cannot express,
Through your company and care, through your love I am blessed.
I honor you, Aesir, and follow your lead,
I'll praise you forever by word and by deed.


© Michaela Macha

License: This poem may be freely distributed, provided it remains
unchanged, including the copyright notice and this License:

This work by Michaela Macha (www.odins-gift.com) is licensed
under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives License.