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"Der Ruf der Götter - Asatru-Lieder"  ("The Call of the Gods - Asatru Songs")

is my debut album released in 2008, featuring 15 German folk-rock songs.

Asatru songs for listening to, and for singing along to - from the cheerful and festive to solemn, melancholy and humorous pieces.
Songs are a beautiful way to relate to our Gods, and to build community. We are singing for the Gods - Come and sing along!

Included with the CD are
- An 8 page bilingual color booklet, and a two-sided color inlay in a crystal case.  
- Bonus: A printable PDF file with a sing-along songbook: All German lyrics side-to-side with fully singable and rhyming English lyrics.
- Bonus: The color flyer "Enlightened Asatru" by our community, the Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard.
- Bonus: The flyer's PDF file for printing out more copies, for passing on to people interested in our faith.

Ordering is possible by mail to cd@asatruringfrankfurt.de, or through our webshop.
Price: 9 Euro / 12 $

Shipping costs: Germany 2,50 Euro, USA and rest of Midgard: 6 $.
(In case you wonder: Shipping from Germany to US is LOTS cheaper than the other way round!)

Payment is possible via PayPal, or international bank transfer using IBAN/BIC numbers.
Otherwise, just ask us, we´ll try and find alternative ways of payment for you.

All proceeds go directly into our ongoing Asatru projects, e.g. the Heathen Songbook in print, recording new albums in both German and English,
and the maintenance of our websites.  If you would like to support heathen music and art, make sure to get your own copy !
Spread the word and tell your friends, or even better, gift them our album as a present :-)!

MP3 teaser (30 sec):

01. Der Ruf der Götter MP3  (The Call of the Gods) - English lyrics

02. Rätsel-Lied MP3  (Riddle Song) - English lyrics

03Die Regenbogenbrücke MP3 (The Rainbow Bridge) - English lyrics

04. Seht, wie der Regenbogen MP3 (Hail the Blest Gods) - English lyrics

05. Stern im Norden MP3 (The North Star Has Arisen) - English lyrics

06. Frühling kommt MP3 (Spring is Coming) - English lyrics

07. Kinder der Götter MP3 (Children of Aesir and Vanir) - English lyrics

08. Treibholz MP3 (Driftwood) - English lyrics

. Ich ging einst wie im Traume MP3 (Once I Walked a Dreamland) English lyrics

10. Ich bin Hel die Dunkle MP3 (I am Hel) - English lyrics

. Regengesang MP3 (Rain Chant - Lord of Thunders) - English lyrics

12. Wir sind der Asatru-Ring MP3 (We are the Asatru Ring) - English lyrics

. Großstadtheiden MP3 (The City Heathens go to Blot) - English lyrics 

14. Neun tapfre Asatru MP3 (Nine Daring Asatru) - English lyrics

15. Wir ehren die Asen MP3 (We Honor the Aesir) - English lyrics

More info:

Project Name: Skaldenmet (Skaldic Mead), correlating to my German poetry website Skaldenmet.

Michaela Macha: Lyrics, Voice, Chorus
Armin Knorr: Acoustic guitar, Synthesizer, Kazoo, Background Vocals, Arrangment, Recording
Michael Schütz: Lyrics, Background Vocals, Graphic Design, Printing, Distribution
Guest lyricist: Filk-legend Leslie Fish

The  8 page booklet informs with German/English side-to-side texts about:
Asatru, the relevance of songs within our faith, the myth of the skaldic mead, the artists,
and the Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard who is happy to present this album as a contribution to heathenry :-).


Three main ideas went into the project:

a) To provide Asatru songs that are not the Viking-Metal/Valkyrie-take-me-to-Valhalla type for once, but about living Asatru in our real lives, and our own times and places

b) To promote not only the listening to, but the active singing of songs within Asatru. While the offered songs are sophisticated enough to be good entertainment, they are at the same time designed to be easily learned and sung by groups, children, and by people who don't often sing. Guitar chords were kept easy and will be published with my upcoming Heathen Songbook in print.

b) To have songs you can with good conscience play or lend to your neighbor, your work-mate, your child's teacher or kindergarten assistant, as it informs about our faith, our gods and our community in a representable way. The lyrics are, within the scope of our faith, family-friendly.

I hope you enjoy listening to my songs as much as I enjoyed making them for you!

- Michaela