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"The goal of an artistic life: to wrest from the personal some form that speaks universally." - Alison H. Deming

"Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade?" - Benjamin Franklin

Tips for Poets: Overview Page

I. In the Beginning


A Preface - So You Want To Be A Poet.


The Poetic Triangle - Form, Content and Style


II. What's in a Poem?


1. Forms - Verse, Rhythm, Feet, (Old Norse) Meters ...


2. Style: The Tools of the Trade - Metaphors, Heiti, Kenningar, Contrast...


3. Style: All your options


III. Some Good Advice


1. Before you start writing


2. While you write


3. After you think youre finished


IV. Helpful Links


List of Alliterative Poetry on Odin's Gift
Alliterative Verse Forms

Meadhall - Jack Hart on the different uses and skill levels of endrhyme. Recommended!

List of Odin's Bynames (Heiti)

dins Nfn - Listing of Odin's names in the Icelandic Thulur

List of names of Thor

List of kennings

Wiktionary, the free dictionary - with pronunciation guide, audio files, rhyme guide, synonyms/antonyms...



Image: "Letter Planet", Markus Gann, www.begann.de. Used by permission.
Image "Norse Heathen Poetry" Michaela Macha

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