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Aanen, Wim
* Dialogue between Njord and Skadhi

Aburrow, Yvonne
* Odin with German translation
* Dane Hill  
* Wandlebury - The Roman Road  
* Praise to the Poet  

Alencar, Christian
* The Great White God

* Son of Nine Mothers

Anderson, Poul 
The Childish Edda 
* The Ballad of the Three Kings

* Ivar's Revenge

* March
* The Song of Tyrfing

Alwin of White Stone Hearth
* The Pragmatic Heathen Song  
* If I Had a Hammer  
* Hello Wodan  
* How Many Horns

Ann, Leigh
* A Cymro-Norse Ritual

Araujo, Douglas
* Prayer to Thor

Arismendi, Fuensanta
* Loki and Sigyn
* Mani: A Glimpse of the Moon God
* Prayer to Narvi and Vali

* Well and Tree  

Asraaf, Frigga 
* Hail our Heroes &MP3
* Roll out... &MP3
* Hail Forn Sidr  &MP3
* Midsummer Song &MP3  
* Midwinter
* Nehelennia

* In Asgard´s Fair City

Ayer, Hilary
* Fensalir in Winter
* For Idunna
* Freya
* Frigga
* Perthro  
* Thor to Sif


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