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"Eternity does not begin after life. It encompasses life." - Film quote

* Of Ether and Nether  M. Odinsdatter  
Sigrun and Helgi 
Jack Hart
* A Howe-Dweller´s Dream  Jordsvin
* Norse Ghost Story J. Stockwell
* Mound-Alf  Jenny Blain 

* What the Skull Said Vivian
* Barrow Wight  Neal Grout
* Gallows Wight Nick Ford
* The Old Gallows  Michaela Macha
* Tonight Justin L. O'Brien

Afterlife, Valkyries, Einherjar, Valhalla
Bragi: "Why did you take victory from him, if he seemed the bravest to you?"
Odin: "Because of that which no one knows: The Grey Wolf gapes ever at the gods´ dwellings."
- Eiriksmal

* Afterlives  Fjolnirsvin
* Einheriar Jeremy Hirst
* Strive for that Hallowed Place Jackie Hannigan 
* Afterlives Ben Waggoner (story)

* A Valkyrie Invocation Larisa C Hunter

* Free Jackie Hannigan 
* Bright Shield   Jonathan Cyr
* Waiting  Julie Wolfsong
* The Shield Maiden Brandr Od Iverson

In the shade now tall forms are advancing,
And their wan hands like snowflakes in the moonlight are gleaming;
They beckon, they whisper, “Oh! strong Armed in Valor,
The pale guests await thee — mead foams in Valhalla.” - Finn´s Saga (Hewitt)

* Not Yet Dead  Gunnolfr Odinsson
* Einherjar Blot  Laure Lynch  
* Hakon´s Passage  Michaela Macha
* Hail to the Einherjar!  Gary Penzler

* Destinations  Matthias Wilson (story)

* Here and Now Matthias Wilson
* Halfdan Michael Stonehaven 
* On the Battlefield Larisa C. Hunter 
* Hail Fallen, Hail Thee Einherjar  Hildr Valkyrie
* Carry On Corey Lyon

* Valhalla’s Call John T Mainer
* Honor Ragnarr
* Valkyrie Cameron La Follette
* Sonnet 26 Marius-Creb
* Einherjar's Song
Justin L. O'Brien

‘What flies up there, so quickly driving past?’
Her answer from the cloud, as rushing by:
‘I fly not, nor do drive, but hurry fast,
Hoof flinger swift through cloud and mist and sky.’ - Asgard and the Gods", M. Wagner-Macdowall
, 1884

* Valkyries Came to the Battle that Day  Hildr Valkyrie
* The Viking´s Lament Johnny Whitebread
* A Warrior´s Death  Johnny Whitebread  
* Cold Rain Alan Hodgson
* Valkyrie Galina Krasskova

* Ode to my new Valkyrie ~L~
* A Song for Einheriar Blot 
Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr
* Ascension Corey Lyon
* Valhalla Awaits Me Bashir Sarieddine
* Hail the Valkyries Larisa C Hunter

* Valkyrie Wolf Helser
* Valkyries, For Those Who Cannot See Rebecca Buchanan
* The Death-Song of Golden Osis Ring-giver Karen Kahan
* Thorbjorn's Ride Karen Kahan
* Song of the Einherjar Karen Kahan

* Valkyrie Justin L. O'Brien
* The Wheel is Turning Justin L. O'Brien
* In the Arms of a Valkyrie Rushy
* Straw Death Rushy

Ragnarok, New World
"It always ends. That´s what gives it value."  - Death, in "The Sandman" (Neil Gaiman)

* Blow, Heimdall, Blow Michaela Macha
* Baldur's Return Jeva Singh-Anand  
* Ragnarok Rob Crocker
* Fate  M.C. Daimler
* Ragnarok  Alan Hodgson

* Ragnarok Singing Marta Reinhold
Ragnarok Awaits Ayla Wolffe
* The Fimbulwinter Tucker Dean Nelson
* The Goddesses´ Revenge Jim Davis 
* Sleipnir Jim Davis

"When Yggdrasil dances,
the nine worlds quake.
The eagle soars
and the serpent awakes." - Paul Walker

* Prelude - Ragnarok Jake Ortega
* Fiat Lux  Jennifer Tifft

* Dreams of Ragnarok John T. Mainer
* Ragnarok Justin Kostelecky  
* New World Jeff Wolf

"Things fall apart, the center cannot hold,
mere anarchy is loosed upon the world;
the blood-dimmed tide comes loose..." - Lord Alfred Tennyson

* Frost and Thunder Chad Hooper
* Goetterdaemmerung  Matt Ottercat
* Long night of the Blacksmith Thorfinn MacLeod
* ?   Julie Wolfsong
* Heimdall Blow your Horn Rob Crocker 

* The Storm Hildolfr Draugadrottin
* The Night of Falling Stars Matthias Wilson
* Ragnarok Byron Wolfsong  
* Ragnarök, impendent Victory Bashir Sarieddine
* Götterdämmerung Slaeghunder

* Wolf Rebecca Buchanan
* The Reckoning
Alan Hodgson
* Renewal Jeff Wolf
* Vision Jeff Wolf
* Ragnarok Marius-Creb

* Ragnarok Ragnar Harsvolk
* Awaiting Ragnarok Rushy
* Ragnarok - Doom of the Powers Rushy
* Ragnarok - The Giants Rushy
* After Ragnarok Rushy


"Great Surtur,with his burning sword,
Southward at Muspel's gate kept ward,
And flashes of celestial flame,
Life-giving, from the fire-world came." - from "Valhalla", J.C.Jones

...more Fighting Poems under "Humor", of course !

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