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* Labradorite Michaela Macha
Lady Freya Vivian
* Lady of Cats Christie Ward
* Lady of Earth Salena Levy
* Lady of Love Michaela Macha
Lady of Saxony  Rommelio Valerio
* Lady of the Hearth Hazel-Kate Dooley 
* Lady of the Vanir  Alice Karlsdóttir
* La Grange Boars´s Heart
* Lakeside Hunter  Jon Cyr
* Lament (Away, Away...) Karen Kahan
* Lamentation Hauk
* Lammastide Elizabeth Vongvisith
* Land of Ice and Fire Cameron La Follette
* Land of Fire and Ice Clyde Silbernagel
* Landvaettir Bede Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr
* L´anse aux meadows  Jenny Blain
* Laufey Liam Henrie
* Laufey's Son Raven Kaldera (story)
* Laughing Lady Jeff Wolf

* Lenctenlong Math Jones  
* Let Mead Flow on Midgard  Karl Donaldsson
* Let Me Soothe Your Pain  Laure Lynch
* Let´s Be Happy and Rejoice Michaela Macha
* Let us Drink Skirar Silfrinlogi

* Life Haakon Donalson
* Lifeblood Karen Kahan
* Lifted Horns Boars´s Heart
* LifeLong Michaela Macha
* Linen Dance Analemma McKee-Schwenke
* Listen to the Wind  Terry Smith 
* Litany for Sigyn Galina Krasskova 
* Little Drummer Boy Alexis Coleman
* Living Tru Jeff Wolf

* Logi Michaela Macha
* Logi's Songs Raven Kaldera

* Lokasenna
Æsctun Þórolf Vinðlér-Lókasson
* Loke's Lullaby Anna-Lena Kramer-Güth
* Loki Jim Davis 
* Loki Galina Krasskova  
* Loki Robert Etter
* Loki Dryad Wood
* Loki and Sigyn Fuensanta Arismendi
* Loki, God of Heat Galina Krasskova  
* Loki, I call you Eric Wolfsbane 
* Loki, Lover of Misfits Laura Patsouris
* Loki Poem Carol Robe
* Loki’s Gifts Sarenth Odinsson
* Loki Sky Walker Salena Levy
* Loki´s loose David Hoyt Johnson 
* Loki´s Song  Mikal Hrafspa
* Loki’s Song About Odin’s Nights on Yggdrasil Larisa C Hunter
* Loki´s Wedding Gift Nick Ford 
* Loki the Fool  Alice Karlsdóttir  

* Long night of the Blacksmith Thorfinn MacLeod
* Long Serpent Alan Hodgson
Look What They've Done to Our Lore, Guys  Ingeborg S. Nordén 
* Lord Odin, Hear my Words Roy Martin
* Lord of Tree-Well and Time Erik Goodwyn
* Lost and Found Elizabeth Vongvisith
* Lo, There Do I See My Father Michaela Macha
* Love Letter Mooncraft
* Love Songs of Sif and Thor Winifred Hodge Rose 

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