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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Runes - First Nine Runes        Read the poem in French

Possession, prosperity, wealth,
Fehu indulges us
Fehu deprives us
Hay grows well when it is taken care of,
One who takes it for granted will not be fed.
The peasant knows his land,
The mother knows her flesh,
Everything that lives, must grow up,
And everything that grows up, must first be born.

Aurochs, strength, vitality, energy,
Uruz guarantees us survival,
Uruz charges and hits us.
Raw strength dwells within us and teaches us perseverance,
But one must pay attention not to transform this strength in aggressiveness and anger.
Animals fear their predator but aren’t aware of the trap,
Men hunt down their prey but they also fear it.
One who is too certain of his own capacity,
Sooner or later ends being the one hunted down.

Thunder, tremble, rumble,
Thurisaz purifies and protects,
Thurisaz smashes and destroys.
It is better to ponder a bit longer,
Than act too quickly.
The rose seems gentle and inoffensive,
However, its intimacy is well guarded,
True strength is not found in a tight fist,
The intensity of our actions must always be well measured out!

Ancestor, deity, speech, thought,
Ansuz inspires us,
Ansuz ridicules us.
A thought well spoken gives honour to the deities and ancestors,
Boasting of wisdom speaks of ignorance one is eager to hide.
Knowledge is acquired with humility and curiosity,
Idiocy does not require a lot of efforts to be acquired.
Ansuz unites us with the Divine and to its wisdom,
It is in our power to use it well.

Journey, experience, movement, change,
Raidho carries us,
Raidho loses us.
It is through experience and discovery,
That we learn the most.
Adaptation to change and acceptation of difference,
Uplifts us in new places,
Even one who does not travel any further than the border of his own house,
Travels to the furthest lands when he opens himself to the immensity of the universe that surrounds him.

Knowledge, initiation, light, torch,
Kenaz lightens up the path for us,
Kenaz burns off our fingers.
Fire illuminates darkness,
Whether we like it or not, Kenaz shows us the truth.
One whose quest is sincere will be initiated,
One who wants to manipulate will be exposed,
One who does not fear effort nor independence,
Will be transformed and ready for new possibilities.

Offering, sharing, exchange, sacrifice,
Gebo can be offered,
Gebo can be taken.
Gifts that are shared,
Bring love and friendship.
One who likes to be given gifts,
Must know who to give some in return.
Generosity is much appreciated,
But humility is essential.

Joy, pleasure, happiness,
Wunjo makes us laugh,
Wunjo intoxicates us.
Happiness is a joy that is shared,
Pleasure is a reward for many efforts,
One who is happy is filled with will,
One who works hard sees his dreams come true.
Happiness is found in all things,
One must simply know how to see it.

Ice, obstacle, anger, danger,
Hagalaz the vigil,
Hagalaz the vicious.
Problems break out,
And settle themselves in the comfort and routine of our lives.
After having explored our sacred and protected little land,
We must become exposed to outer forces.
When confronted to our stormy past,
We become more confident when facing present and future challenges.

© Freya Kä

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