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Nelson, Tucker Dean
The Fimbulwinter

Nichols, Tracy
* A Prayer for Winter
* Harvest Lord
* Invocation
* Invocation to Skadhi
* Sigyn's Angst
* Vengeance
* When I Look at You

Nielsen, Dan 
* A Passionate Poem to Loki  
* On the Wings of my Yearning

* Odin
* A Song of Balder 
* You May Dance on my Grave

* Ygg  
* Hear me, Thor
* Heathen Music
* In our Woods
* The Beginning
* The Pole Stone

Nordén, Ingeborg Svea
* Asatru Persuasion  
* Debate with the Father of Poetry
* Heathen Protest Song: One

* Heathen Protest Song: Two
Heathens at the Stopsign
First Song for the Midwinter Sacrifice
Look What They've Done to Our Lore, Guys  
* Old Norse is Insane  
* People, That's Not Asatru  
* Praise to Frey, the Lord of Peace 
* R.T.F.E. (Read the Freakin´ Eddas)
* Song of Praise to Odin
* Song of the Utangardh  
The Heathen Chicken
* To Frey
* Winternights Poem

Norman, Jon
* For Hela
* Prayer to Mani
* Prayer to Sunna

Normansson, HrappR 
* Vetrsongr (Wintersong)  

Nugent, Paolo
* With Ancestors

NYMAS (New York Asatru Metro Society)
* The Havamal for New Yawkas


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