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* Guitar Dedication to Bragi Michaela Macha  
* Bragi Wolf Helser
* For Bragi Matthias Wilson
* Prayer to Bragi Galina Krasskova
Hail Bragi Galina Krasskova

* Prayer to Bragi I Rebecca Buchanan
* Invocation to Bragi Michaela Macha
* Hail to Bragi
Raven Kaldera
* Bragi's Gifts
Raven Kaldera
* Walking Ways Raven Kaldera

* Adorations for Bragi Sarenth Odinsson
* Bragi
Liam Henrie
* In Praise of Bragi Elizabeth Vongvisith
* Bragi Galina Krasskova
* Invoking Bragiís Blessing Before Public Speaking Raven Kaldera

* Bragi Michaela Macha
* Ode to Bragi Skirar Silfrinlogi


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