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Welcome! I'm Michaela Macha. Read, enjoy & share your poetry with others!  
Discover the beauty of Norse mythology in guises both old and new.
Feel free to participate, and come back to visit over 2.600 poems, songs and MP3.
A big "Thank You!" to all contributors who made this collection possible!  

Poems: My own, e.g.

The Aesir's Call

Vigil Dirge

Come to the Well

What He Asked

To a New Odinsman




Poems: By many others, e.g.

Surpassing the Winter      Arith Härger

Almighty Thor                 Glenn Bergen

Wassail House Gods        Jeff Wolf

Freyrsman’s Curse          Gullin Freyrson

Harvest Lord                   Tracy Nichols



Norse Historical & Classical Poetry
The Rune Poems, a "Best of" from the Eddas and  Sagas, 
from the Middle Ages to the early 20th century,
and translated Scandinavian, Faroese & German  works.

Multilingual International Poetry
Heathens of Midgard, unite :-)! Poems in Spanish, Portuguese,
Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian...
along with English translations.

Music & Songs: The Heathen Songbook Online
Lyrics, MP3 and sheet music.
Find & share songs for ritual, children, or fun!

Music & Songs: Northern Music Links
Heathen albums, online music, websites, reconstructed old music,
broad overview from Folk to Metal bands.

Stories & Myths
Old stories & new myths in mythological or modern settings,
retellings and original interpretations.

Links to Poetry
Heathen poetry sites, books, magazines, art;
sources, translations & essays concerning Old Norse

Special Themes on this website:

Alliterative Poetry  - List of all poems using stave-rhyme
Poetic Forms - Sorted by category
Creative Commons / Licensed Poetry - which you may use with a license
The Poetry Duel - 'My pen is mightier than your pen!'
A Suite of Yule Songs - For when it's that time of the year again

Tips for Poets
Just getting started? Exploring new possibilities?
Tips for what to do when giddy with Poets' Mead.

Creative Commons and other Licenses
Keep your copyright, allow people to share your poetry!
Help your poem to become widely known. This is how.

Skaldenmet - German Asatru Poetry & Songs Collection.
The sister site of Odin´s Gift, featuring over 600 poems,
lyrics, MP3, and sheet music.

My album "Der Ruf der Götter" (The Call of the Gods)
15 German Asatru folk/rock songs by "Skaldenmet".
Listen to MP3 samples & read the lyrics in English! And order it... ;-)

Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard - German / English bilingual
Articles, prayers, webshop & more about living our faith.
Spiritual community, centered in Germany. Contacts welcome!


Submitted works and artwork are the sole property of and copyrighted by their authors.
No distribution or use without their prior consent, unless indicated otherwise by a license.

My own poems are under a Creative Commons License, and under these conditions may be freely used, distributed, posted,
displayed on websites etc. In case you´d like to put them in print, please drop me an email - it flatters me no end ;-).


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