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Tyr & Forseti

Tyr, Tiu, Tiw
"Never let your sense of morality
prevent you from doing what is right." 
- From "Foundation", by Isaac Asimov

* The Tyr Song  Karl  Donaldsson 
* Ties Michaela Macha
* Tyr Song Math Jones
* Tyr, God of the Morning Michaela Macha
* Tyr of the Old World  Matthias Wilson
* Hymn to Tyr Siegfried Goodfellow 

* Hand of Justice  Matilda Marks
* Howling Mountain  Kathy Mar
* Binding of the Wolf Jezreell
* Tribute to Tyr and Zisa  Rhonda Turner

* To Tyr Diana Paxson
* Tew  C.L. Weatherford
* Hymn to Tyr Alice Karlsdóttir 
* Tiw´s Prayer / Tiwesbed  Swain Wodening Canote 
* Tyr Ayla Wolffe

* Invocation to Tyr
Pagan Book of Hours
* Tyr´s Watch John T Mainer
* Tyr Galina Krasskova
* Tyr's Day K.C. Hulsman
* A Hand Michaela Macha

* Tyr:God Of War Glenn Bergen
* Hail Tyr Jeff Wolf
* Wassail Tiw Jeff Wolf


* Adorations To Forseti Order in the Quartz
* Forseti Galina Krasskova
* Forseti II Galina Krasskova
* Invocation to Forseti
Pagan Book of Hours
* Axe-Bearer Raven Kaldera

* Poem for Forseti

Image: "Forseti zu Gericht sitzend" (Forseti sitting in judgement),
Carl Emil Doepler (1824-1905)

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