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Gaiman, Neil  
* Do You Know Me?
* I am...

Galtung, Refr

* Metamorphosis

Gillaugh, Joshua

* The Meditative Trance

Gjovaag, Laura 

* Sigyn Talks

Gomke, Bear 
* Wunjo  

Goodfellow, Siegfried
November Song to Odin  
* Hymn to Tyr
Praise be to Freyr!  
* Odin Hanging from Yggdrasil

Goodwyn, Erik
* Ballad to Odin
* Farewell
* Invocation to Freya
* The Golden Red Lady, Sweet Beauty
* The Return
* Odin’s Lament
* Sea Goddess Passion
* Lord of Tree-Well and Time

Gordon, Caleb
* My Journey Through the Nine Worlds

Gotved, Gudrun Victoria 
* Midwintersong  

Gotved, Ole 
* Forn Sidr´s Statement of Belief  
* Forn Sidr (The Old Way)  

Grannis, Kacey
* Choosers of the Slain
* Protector

Graves, Nathaniel
* The battle of Teutoburg forest

* Sow, my Fathers

Grout, Neal 
* Helvegr
* The Patient Watcher
* Barrow Wight
* Samsey Island  
The Dwarf's Kitchen
* The Waifling Prince
* The Iron Serpent  
* My Grotto

Grün, Anselm
* Promise

Gundarsson, KveldślfR
* Snow on the Meadow
* Wodan's Host
* I Write the Runes
* Swing Low, Sweet Valkyrie-Maiden
* The Son of Óšinn
* Freya Aswynn's Song

* Hear my Vow
* I Have A Song To Sing
* Prayer to Odin for the New Year
* Thor, Master of Clouds
* The Twelve Days of Yuletide (with Larisa C Hunter)

Gwynne, Telsa 
* To Be Christian or Not to be Christian?  


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