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* Nauthiz Matilda Marks 
Nehelennia (Nehelennia) Friggar Asraaf
* Nehellenia Galina Krasskova

* Nerthus Michaela Macha

* Nerthus Wayne Earl
* Nerthus Joshua Koed  
* Nerthus Galina Krasskova
* Nerthus, Earth Mother Salena Levy
* Nerthus Meal Blessing Jordsvin

* Never Forgotten Mark Ludwig Stinson
* New World Jeff Wolf
* New Year's Greeting Michaela Macha
* New Year's Song Michaela Macha

* Nidavellir Invocation Pagan Book of Hours
* Nidhogg Gnaws the Little Nithlings Jordsvin
* Nied-Runa Song  Winifred Rose 

* Nine Daring Asatru Michaela Macha
* Nine Have I Known Bari Mandelbaum
* Nine Long Nights K. C. Hulsman
* Nine Nights - One Branch Larisa C Hunter
* 99 Adorations to Heimdallr
Salena Levy
* 99 Adorations to Loki Talas Pái
* Ninth Night  Michaela Macha

* Njorðr Galina Krasskova
* Njord's Doughnut John T Mainer (Story)
* Njord’s Serenity Robert Shawn Rowland

* Noble Njorth Rhonda Turner 
* Nordic Creed Justin Douglas Blackford
* Norse Counting Song Karen Kahan
* Norse Ghost Story J. Stockwell
* Norse Mythology & Grocery Shopping Karen Emanuelson 
* Norse of Course  Erika Milo 
* Norse poem Arnora Dunestan  
* Norse Jul Night Rodney Kindlund  
* Northern Lights (new myth)  Don Fowler 
* Northern Storm Alan Hodgson  
* Northman Chant  Jim Wise
* North Sea Battle Andy Brasher

* Nos Galan - “Winter” Anna Stockinger
* November Folly Galina Krasskova
* Not Yet Dead  Gunnolfr Odinsson
November Song to Odin Siegfried Goodfellow 
* Now it is Time Michael Schütz
* Numinous Nerthus Rhonda Turner 


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