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* Oath Jeff Wolf
* Oaths  Julie Wolfsong
* Ocean Eyes, Vanaheim M Odinsdatter
* O Come, All Ye Faithful Alexis Coleman
* Od  (Freya´s Search)
Michaela Macha
* Oddgeir´s Saga Alan Hodgson 
* Oden Jeff Wolf
* Oden Bless Me Alexander Hall
* Oden's Opera Anna-Lena Kramer-Güth

* Ode to a Hunting God Cullyn Ullrson
* Ode to Bragi Skirar Silfrinlogi
* Ode to King Radbod Slaeghunder
* Ode to Loki Dorte Janussen  
* Ode to my Lord Thor  Esta Weiss
* Ode to my new Valkyrie ~L~
* Ode to Odin Alexander Hall
* Ode To Odin Glenn Bergen
* Ode to Sunna  Analemma McKee Burrows
* Ode to Thor Alexa Duir
* Ode to Thorr Hildulf Hlorrithisson

* Odhin or Calling Down The Hunt Ron Smith
* Odhr Kolag Hraban
* Odin Yvonne Aburrow 
* Odin  Justin Carlson
* Odin  Frankie
* Odin Dan Nielsen
* Odin Elizabeth Vongvisith  
* Odin Wolf Helser
* Odin Rebecca Buchanan
* Odin Jeff Wolf
* Odin Mike Berger
* Odin Maris Pái
* Odin Dan Ralph Miller
* "Odin"  Michaela Macha

* Odin (Acrostic)  Michaela Macha
* Odin Acrostic Heather Jones
* Odin and Loki Jim Wise

* Odin and the Asatruar (Prose/Story) Matthias Wilson 
* Odin and Thor in China G.Robin Smith
* Odin Chant Diana Paxson
* Odin Hanging from Yggdrasil Siegfried Goodfellow
* Odin Has Me Michaela Macha
* Odin Is Jim Wise
* Odin Is Jackie Hannigan
* Odin is my Guardian Glenn Bergen
* Odin on the World Tree Jim Wise
* Odin Poem Salena Levy
* Odin´s Blessing Darí Einarfjórđison
* Odin´s Call  Barbara Bowen
* Odin´s Call Jennifer Lawrence
* Odin´s calling! John T Mainer

* Odin´s Eye  David Hartman 
* Odin´s Following Kolag Hraban
* Odin´s Gift Michael Schütz
* Odin´s Lament Erik Goodwyn
* Odin´s Men Cameron Eubanks
* Odin Song Diana Paxson
* Odin´s Ride Eric Wolfsbane
* Odin´s Ride Scott Randall
* Odin´s Rune Song Jack Hart
* Odin Wants Me Jordsvin
* Odin´s Wraith Returns Gunnolfr Odinsson  
* Odin, the Crosser of Boundaries Michael Schütz
* Odin the Mystic Michael Schütz 
* Odin (Woden) Galina Krasskova 

* Odroerir Matilda Marks
* Odhroerir’s Gift Sarenth Odinsson
* Önd Jenny Blain 
* Of Ether and Nether  M. Odinsdatter
* Off to Battle Justin L. O'Brien
* Oh, Allfather Justin L. O'Brien
* Oh Come All Ye Faithful Ljón Bragrman
* Oh Come All Ye Kinfolk  Anna Stockinger
* Oh Hail ! (Sunna passages) Jackie Hannigan 
* Olaf's House Ron Snow
* Old God Jim Wise
* Old Love  Michaela Macha
* Old Man on the Ocean Wayne Morris
* Old Norse Blessings compiled by Michaela Macha
* Old Norse is Insane Ingeborg S. Nordén
* Omasmal Dan Ralph Miller

* On a Compliment Michaela Macha
* On Being a Warrior Michael Schütz
* Once in a Dream Michaela Macha
* Once I Walked a Dreamland Michaela Macha
* On Easter´s Eve Dan Ralph Miller
* One Eye Valaryie Phoenix 
* One Eyed Stranger Jackie Hannigan 
* 148 Adorations of Odin Galina Krasskova
* One Life Michaela Macha
* One Of Odin´s Now Michaela Macha  
* One, Two, Three, Four, Five Michaela Macha
* One, Two, Vidar´s Shoe
Michaela Macha
* One With The Gods Glenn Bergen
* On Mead and Poetry Jenny Blain 
* On the Battlefield Larisa C. Hunter
* On the day that I die Michaela Macha
* On the Road  Michaela Macha
* On the Way Michael Schütz
* On the Wings of my Yearning Dan Nielsen
* Onward! Drkness
* On Yulés Night Hildiwulf  

* Opening of Sumbel-Yule 2006 - Mothers Night M Odinsdatter  
* Opening of the House Salena Levy
* Opening Prayer to Nerthus Galina Krasskova
* O praise the drink of Odin Jared McCleskey
* Ordeal Galina Krasskova

Ostara Rhonda Turner
* Ostara Karl  Donaldsson
* Ostara Galina Krasskova
* Ostara Rushy
* Ostara and the Dance of the Bunnies (Story) John T Mainer
* Ostara Carol Anna Stockinger
* Ostara Night Larisa C Hunter
* Ostara´s Bunny (Story) John T Mainer

* O Sun Wheel Bright Winifred Hodge Rose

* O Tannenbaum Diana Paxson
* Othala Laura Patsouris
* Otiose Michaela Macha
* Our Temple Troy Wisehart
* Over Midgard So Wide Michaela Macha 

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