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There is a woman who weaves in the sky
See how She spins, see Her finger fly
She's been before us from beginning to end
She is our mother, lover and friend
She is the weaver and we are the web
She is the needle and we are the thread.
- from "Changing Woman", Adele Getty

* Frigga the Fair Rhonda Turner
* Frigga Diana Paxson

* Toast to Frigga Gary Penzler
* Fensalir Song Diana Paxson
* Invocation  Jenny Blain 

* High Wife Robin Herne
* Sweet Frigga Jackie Hannigan
* An Invitation For Frigga Larisa C Hunter  
* Frigg J.Verhelst
* Hymn to Frigg Michaela Macha

* A Picture of Frigg Birgitta Jonsdottir
* Frigga´s Wait Matilda Marks 
* Call to Frigg, Mother of the Folk  Winifred Rose
* Call to Frigg, the Silent Knower  Winifred Rose
* A Father´s Call to Frigga  Matt Leonard 

* Frige Boast Winifred Rose
* Frigga's Mirror Michael Schütz
* Frigga the Mother Michael Schütz
* Frigga See Us Jackie Hannigan

* Frigga Hilary Ayer 

* Frigga Heather Demarest 
* The Gods´ Own Twilight  Matilda Marks 
* The Lady Alexa Duir 
* Frige´s Prayer / Frigebed  Swain Wodening Canote
* Housework Prayer Michaela Macha

* The Oath  Analemma McKee-Schwenke
* Lady of the Hearth Hazel-Kate Dooley
* Is that hoofbeats I hear?  Hazel-Kate Dooley 
* Frigga Chant Larisa C Hunter
* Frigga Prayer (Friges Bed) Swain Wodening

* Linen Dance Analemma McKee-Schwenke
* Chant to Frigga Hoen Falker
* Fensalir in Winter Hilary Ayer
* Frigga Spinning Larisa C Hunter
* Invocation to Frigga Pagan Book of Hours

* An Offering to Frigga Larisa C Hunter
* Hymn to Frigg I
Rebecca Buchanan
* Hymn to Frigg II Rebecca Buchanan
* Prayer to Frigg I Rebecca Buchanan
* Frigga, My Friend Larisa C Hunter

* Hail to Frigga Jackie Hannigan
* Frigga Galina Krasskova
* Goddess of Mothers Michaela Macha
* Cloud-Spinner Raven Kaldera
* Hail Frigg Jeff Wolf

* Honoring Odin and Frigga Larisa C Hunter
* Prayer to Frigg Jeff Wolf
* Frigga Maris Pái
* All-Mother Glenn Bergen (story)
* Wassail Fríge Jeff Wolf

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Image: "Frigga Spinning the Clouds", John Charles Dollman, British artist (1851-1934). Public Domain.