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Love & Chivalry

* Hedeby Fair Michaela Macha
* Hedeby Fair (2) Nick Ford
* Beaduhild  Ann Groa Sheffield  
* In Her Name (Or: The War Prize)  GregRobin Smith 

* Silver and Gold Robert Falkenstein
* Brynhild´s Ride to Hel  Joanne Ford
* They Say You Are Gone Patricia Lafayllve
* I Dreamt me a Dream Michaela Macha

"Gallantly shall he speak and gifts bring
Who wishes for woman's love"
- Havamal

* The Gift Blennerhassette
* The Lay of the Lady by the Sea Meredith Himmel
* A Valkyrie Song  Mikal Hrafspa
* Lady of Saxony Rommelio Valerio
* Uthyr´s Fear Uthyr

"With a good woman, if you wish to enjoy
Her words and her good will,
Pledge her fairly and be faithful to it:
Enjoy the good you are given" - Havamal

* A Woman´s Prayer Patricia Lafayllve
* A Heathen Lust Rommelio Valerio
* Sig Wife  Swain Wodening Canote
* Lament (Away, Away...) Karen Kahan
* Thread of Fate Kolag Hraban

* Rus Karen
 L. U.  Kahan
* Fenris' Mouth Justin L. O'Brien
* Dragon´s Gold Ron Snow
* Man Is the Joy of Man Ayla Wolffe



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