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The Norns, Hel, Frau Holle/Perchta/Huldra, Fylgia, Disir/Mothers, Vaettir/Landwights/Alfar/ Housewights

The Norns
"All mazes meet in the center." - The Sandman

* Trialogue Michaela Macha
* The Norns  Michaela Macha
* The Weavers Matthias Wilson 
* Guardians of Fate Michael Schütz
* My Closest Enemies Jessica Martin 

* Werthende Winifred Rose
* A Thread from the Loom  M Odinsdatter
* Sip from the Sisters Three  M Odinsdatter 
* Wyrd Sisters Three K. C. Hulsman
* Twist & Weave K. C. Hulsman

* Sisters Wyrd  Matilda Marks 
* The Norns Cameron La Follette
* Invocation to the Fates Raven Kaldera
* The Three Maidens Glenn Bergen
* To Fate
Justin L. O'Brien


* Unmoveable One Jonathan Cyr 
* An Ode to the Dark Time Sharon Hill
* Hella Jennifer Tifft 
* Hymn to Hela Elizabeth Vongvisith  
* Helja  Renate Steinbach (story)

* I am Hel the Dark One
Michaela Macha
* Me and Hel  Raven Kaldera 
* Inevitable One Justin Douglas Blackford 
* The Grey Lady John Mainer
* A Song to Hela Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr 
* At the Dark Gate  Barbara Beyß
* Even The Strongest Are Not Immortal Justin Douglas Blackford
* For Hela Jon Norman
* Invocation to Hela
Pagan Book of Hours
* Hail to you, Hela Michaela Macha

* The Waste Rapper's Rhyme Salena Levy
* Ancestor Ritual Invocation
Raven Kaldera
* A Prayer to Hela, In All Extremity
Raven Kaldera
* Song for a Dark Goddess (Hel's Song) Raven Kaldera
* Tribute
Raven Kaldera

* Hel to Ullr Cornelia Queen
* Sonnet 32 Marius-Creb
* At The Gates Of Her Land
Elizabeth Vongvisith
* The Dark One Told Me This
Elizabeth Vongvisith
* Hella Galina Krasskova

A Prayer To Hela Galina Krasskova
* To Hela, Who Owns My Ass Raven Kaldera
* Darkness Out Of Fire Raven Kaldera
* Faces Raven Kaldera
* A Prayer to Hela, For Humility
Anya Kless

* To Death, Who I Visit Often Joshua Tenpenny
* Hel: Mistress of Niflheim Glenn Bergen

Frau Holle / Hulda / Perchta

* Frau Holle Michaela Macha
* Hymn to Holla Diana Paxson 
* Frau Holda Rhonda Turner
* Invocation to Holda Pagan Book of Hours
* Perchta´s Song Stormerne Hunt-Anschütz 

* Huldra's Wood Alan Hodgson
* Invocation to Huldra Pagan Book of Hours
* Wild Huntress Jeff Wolf
* Holda Galina Krasskova


* Fylgia - Companion on Midgard Michael Schütz
* Moonlight Fylgia Michael Schütz
* My Grotto Neal Grout
* My Guardian Fylgja Glenn Bergen



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