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* Gullsong Joe Mandato
* Skadhi┤s Laughter  Math Jones 
* Winter┤s Shadow Joe Mandato
* Invocation to Skadhi  Alice Karlsdˇttir 
* Summoning Skadhi  Diana Paxson

* An Invocation to Skadhi  Ann Groa Sheffield
* Skadhi┤s Arming Ann Grˇa Sheffield

* An Image of Ska­i  Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr
* Skadi┤s Choice Jack Hart 
* Skadhi┤s Forest Winifred Rose 

* Skadi, the Goddess of the Hunt and Skiing Jim Davis 
* Hail Skadi Old Man's Child
* A Bargain for Skadi Slaeghunder
* Winter's Essence Ayla Wolffe
* Skathi Denise Bowen

* The Snow Princess John T Mainer
* Courting Skadhi Sophie Reicher
* Loki's Wedding-Gift Nick Ford
Shadow Lady - For Skadhi Galina Krasskova
Hail Skadhi Galina Krasskova

* Prayer to Skadhi I & II
Rebecca Buchanan
* Skadi: Water Cycle Erin Lale
* Snow Queen: A Song For Skadi Raven Kaldera
* Survival Rhyme from Skadhi Sarenth Odinsson
* Ska­i Galina Krasskova

* Resilience Michaela Macha
* Huntress Sarenth Odinsson
* Great Huntress Skadi Glenn Bergen
* Skadi Jeff Wolf
* Skathi Hazel-Kate Dooley

* Invocation to Skadi
Pagan Book of Hours
* Skathi Skis Hazel-Kate Dooley
* Skadi's Arrival Lupina24
* Skadi of Snows Cameron La Follette

* A Prayer for Winter Tracy Nichols
* Invocation to Skadhi Tracy Nichols
* Vengeance Tracy Nichols
* When I Look at You Tracy Nichols
* Song to Skadi Nornoriel VanyahildŰ

* Skadhi: The Heart Of The Huntress (story) Glenn Bergen
* Skadhi: Mountain Goddess Glenn Bergen

Image: "Gates of Valhalla", detail, ę Jonathon Earl Bowser,
www.JonathonArt.com.  Used according to license.

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