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* The Hunt  Sarah Wassberg (story)
* Folk Ward  Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr 
* Weal Warder Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr
* Whoever First Quenches the Flames Sorn Skald 
* Prayerful Words to Uller - A Visit Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr

* Æsir-Ull
David Upvall
* Uller Bede Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr 
* Eldest Place Known Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr 
* Hail to Ullr Robin Herne
* Young Uller Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr

* Kom Ðu Sæll Ullar  Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr
* Seasons Change Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr
* Winds of Change Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr
* Winter Fulltrui  Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr
* Lakeside Hunter  Jon Cyr

Praises Of Ullr & Skadi Ayla Wolffe
* Ode to a Hunting God Cullyn Ullrson
* Wintersnight Robin Herne
* Invocation to Ullr Raven Kaldera
* Ullr Galina Krasskova

* Sif's Son
Robin Herne
* Winter Walk Michaela Macha
* Hail Ullr Jeff Wolf
* Ullr´s Yule Gift  Winifred Hodge Rose
* Ullr: Great God Of Hunters Glenn Bergen



Archer: Coat of Arms of Lieksa, Public Domain

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