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* Ragnarök, impendent Victory Bashir Sarieddine
* Ragnarok Byron Wolfsong  
* Ragnarok  Alan Hodgson
* Ragnarok Justin Kostelecky
* Ragnarok Rob Crocker
* Ragnarok Marius-Creb
* Ragnarok Ragnar Harsvolk

* Ragnarok Awaits Ayla Wolffe
* Ragnarok - Doom of the Powers Rushy
* Ragnarök - Loki's Song Thesilée
* Ragnarok In My Mind
Ransom Wilson
* Ragnarok Singing Marta Reinhold
* Ragnarok - The Giants Rushy
* Ragnar´s Armor Michaela Macha
Rain Chant (Lord of Thunders)  Leslie Fish
* Rain Clouds Matthias Wilson
* Rain-Thane Everett A. Warren 

* Rán and Aegir Galina Krasskova
* Ran´s Daughters Cynthia Haywood  
* Ramblings of Wod Louis Buccellato
* Ratatosk  Charles L. Weatherford
* Ratatosk  Michaela Macha
* Raven-Change  Michaela Macha
* Raven Father Jennifer Tifft 
* Raven Father Rebecca Buchanan
* Raven King Justin Douglas Blackford
* Raven's Flight Michaela Macha
* Ravens Sup Ron
* Raven Wing Jeremy Hirst
* Raw Green Mead Ron Snow

* Redbeard Diana Paxson
* Red-Bearded Asa-Thorr Karl Donaldsson
* Red, Red, Red I Like to Wear My Clothing Michaela Macha
* Remembrance Sarenth Odinsson
* Renewal Jeff Wolf
* Resilience Michaela Macha
* Return Diana Paxson

* Riddle  Paul Edwin Zimmer

* Riddle Song  Michaela Macha
* Ride to Hel Larisa C Hunter
* Ring-Givers Jeff Wolf
* Rings Rebecca Buchanan
* Ripples  Michaela Macha

* Roarer Liam Henrie
* Roll out... &MP3  Frigga Asraaf 
* Roskva Robert Etter
* R.T.F.E. (Read the Freakin´ Eddas) Ingeborg S. Nordén 

* Rumbles Come Marshall Stands
* Rune Gazure Ravenskald
* Rune Chant  Michaela Macha
* Rune Gifts Diana L. Paxson
* Rune-Kennings Nick Ford 
* Runelore Jackie Hannigan 
* Runes Cast Kevin Skoog 
* Rune Caster's Chant Larisa C Hunter
* Runes in Stone Wolfsbane, Eric
* Rune Poem P.D. Brown
* Rune Poem I  Rebecca Buchanan
* Rune Poem II Rebecca Buchanan
* Rune Poem III: Ansuz Rebecca Buchanan
* Rune Poem IV: Kenaz Rebecca Buchanan
* Rune Poem V: Mannaz Rebecca Buchanan
Rune Poem VI: Laguz Rebecca Buchanan
Rune Poem VII: Thurisaz Rebecca Buchanan
* Rune Poem VIII: Algiz Rebecca Buchanan
* Rune Poem IX: Berkana Rebecca Buchanan
* Rune Poem X: Ehwaz Rebecca Buchanan
* Rune Song Galina Krasskova  
* Rune Spell Kol
* Runestone House Blessing Analemma McKee Burrows

* Runic Haiku Cynthia Wallin
* Rus Karen  L. U.  Kahan

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