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* Wæs þu Wóden hæl! Jeff Wolf
* Waiting  Julie Wolfsong
* Waiting  Lori Brown-Scheel 
* Walburga Wise Women   Rhonda Turner 
* Walker John T Mainer
* Walking in the Wind
Michaela Macha
* Walking into the Storm Anya Kless
* Walking Ways Raven Kaldera
* Walking with the Gods Michaela Macha

* Walpurgisnacht Ayla Wolffe
* Walpurgisnacht Invocation I
Pagan Book of Hours
* Walpurgisnacht Invocation II
Pagan Book of Hours
* Walpurgisnacht Invocation III
Pagan Book of Hours
* Walpurgisnacht Invocation IV
Pagan Book of Hours
* Walpurgisnacht Invocation V
Pagan Book of Hours
* Walpurgisnacht Invocation VII
Pagan Book of Hours
* Walpurgisnacht Invocation VIII
Pagan Book of Hours

* Wanderer M C Daimler

* Wanderer  Vivian
* Wanderer's Questions   Erich Campbell
* Wanderer Which I Follow Brad Shelby
* Wandering Kolag Hraban
* Wandlebury - The Roman Road Yvonne Aburrow

* Warlord's Equinox Duncan Meredyth
* Warning Galina Krasskova
* War Prayer Michael Schütz
* Warrior Galina Krasskova 
* Warrior Blood Valentina Miletic aka vodansdaughter
Warrior of Warriors Galina Krasskova
* Warriors (story) Mike Farmer & Roland Williamson 
* Warrior´s Welcome
Michaela Macha

* Wassail Fríge Jeff Wolf
* Wassail House Gods Jeff Wolf
* Wassail Móna Jeff Wolf
* Wassail Song Winifred Hodge Rose
* Wassail Sunne Jeff Wolf
* Wassail the Folk Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr
* Wassail Thunor Jeff Wolf
* Wassail Tiw Jeff Wolf
* Wassail, Wassail all over the Town Michaela Macha
* Wassail Wóden! Jeff Wolf

* Watcher Elizabeth Vongvisith
* Waxing and Waning Galina Krasskova
* Way Home Michaela Macha
* Way of Wyrd
Skirar Silfrinlogi
* Way to Work Michaela Macha
* Way Weary Liam Henrie

* Weal Warder Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr  
Weal Wright Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr 
* We are Heathens   Karl Donaldsson - lyrics & mp3
* Wearer of the Wolfskin Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr
* We are the Asatru Ring Michaela Macha
* We Color Ostara´s Eggs Michael Schütz
* Wedding Blessing Jordsvin
* We Honor the Aesir  Michaela Macha
* Wearing the Valknot  Michaela Macha
* We Are Our Deeds Justin Douglas Blackford
* We Are Our Deeds Wolf Helser
* We are the ones who remember Ben Waggoner
* Wedding Bede   Dirk Schmitt 
* Weihnachtsspruch Anna Stockinger
* Weland Ben Waggoner
* Welcome - Thanks! Michaela Macha

* Well and Tree Askr
* We´re Coming From the Aesir Michaela Macha
* Werthende Winifred Rose
* We Wish you a Merry Yuletide Michaela Macha
* We Wish You a Glad Yuletide! Winifred Hodge Rose

* What did you whisper Matilda Marks 
* What He Asked Michaela Macha
* What is Holy ? Thorskegga Thorn
* What Shall We Do With a Drunken Heathen  Michaela Macha
* What Shall We Paint on Ostara´s Egg? Michael Schütz
* What Shall We Sing to Frey Michaela Macha
* What Sorrow Can Ride Laurel Mendes
* What the Skull Said Vivian
* Wheel of the Night Robert Falkenstein
* When I die Hithrael
* When I Look at You Tracy Nichols
* When the Wolf Wind Blows Jeremy Hirst
* When Yule Fires Burn Slaeghunder
* Where you go   Helen Marshall
* Where You Wander Galina Krasskova
* Whoever First Quenches the Flames Sorn Skald
* Whole Nine Yards Michaela Macha
* Who Started it all (To Odin)  Michaela Macha
* Why Wolves Howl at the Moon (story) John T Mainer

* Wild Hunt Ljón Bragrman
* Wild Huntress Jeff Wolf
* Wind and Rain Hildulf Hlorrithisson
* Winds of Change Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr
* Wind That´s Always Turning Michaela Macha
* Wind, Wind, Wind Michaela Macha  
* Wings
 Michaela Macha
* Winter Analemma McKee Burrows
* Winter Jim Davis 
* Winter Carol Jj Starwalker
* Winter Fulltrui  Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr
* Winter Grass Kolag Hraban
* Winter Grieving Arith Härger

* Winternights Poem  Ingeborg S. Nordén 
* Winter-Nights  Rhonda Turner 
* Winter Nights Invocation Pagan Book of Hours
* Winter's Essence Ayla Wolffe
* Winter's Moot  Alan Hodgson 
* Wintersnight Robin Herne
* Winter's Shadow Joe Mandato
* Wintertide Jeff Wolf
* Winter Walk Michaela Macha
* Winter Without End Justin Douglas Blackford
* Wisdom Sorn Skald
* Wisdom Laure Lynch 
* Wisdom of the Ancients Robert Falkenstein
* With Ancestors Paolo Nugent
* With Me In Every Thought Glenn Bergen
* With Odin Justin Douglas Blackford  
* With the Aesir Side by Side Michaela Macha

* Wod  Galina Krasskova
* Wod Jim Wise
* Wodan Salena Levy
* Wodan Chant  Michaela Macha
* Wodan´s Children  Patricia Shaw Mathews
* Wodan's Host KveldúlfR Gundarsson
* Wodan´s Man   Erich Campbell 
* Wode John T Mainer
* Woden  Galina Krasskova  
* Woden Rides  Stormerne Hunt-Anschütz 
* Woden´s Gift  Arlea Hunt-Anschütz  
* Woden´s Teachings about the Runes Jim Davis 
* Wod Won, Winning Wise Dan Campbell
* Wolf Rebecca Buchanan
* Wolf Chow Kolag Hraban
* Wolf Priest Jim Wise
* Word-Chooser  Michaela Macha
* Words James Arthur Cipra
* Words Are Powerful Skirar Silfrinlogi
* Word-War  
Michaela Macha
* World Tree Freki
* Wotan (Heart of You) Matilda Marks 
* Woven Jackie Hannigan 

* Wrap me up in Blue  Matilda Marks 
* Wunjo  Bear Gomke  

* Wyrd Sisters Three K. C. Hulsman
Wyrd Weaver Ayla Wolffe 


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