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Blót & Sumbel, Prayers & InvocationsBlessings

Blót & Sumbel

* Come Ye Heathens Larisa C Hunter
* Symbel Song John T Mainer
* Today We Celebrate Michaela Macha
* Blot Dedication Larisa C Hunter
* A Splash of Mead
Alexander Hall

Prayers & Invocations  See also Musings: Loss, Dying
 "Anyone can pray to the Gods in whatever manner he likes." - Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson, Icelandic founder of Ásatrú

* Ragnar´s Armor Michaela Macha
* Hail the Blest Gods  Michaela Macha
* The Gods are my Guides  Michaela Macha
* Hail to the Gods of the North!  Gary Penzler
* Prayer of Troth  Michaela Macha

* Untying Words Paul Walker
* Prayer of Thanks after Healing Laurel Mendes
* Candle Prayer Michaela Macha
* A Soldier´s Prayer (short version) Michael Schütz
* A Soldier´s Prayer (long version) Michael Schütz

"When the mind knows, we call it knowledge.
When the heart knows, we call it love.
When the being knows, we call it prayer."
– Osho

* Goddesses and Gods  Michaela Macha
* Hail ! Jackie Hannigan 
* Hammer Hallowing Charm Thorskegga Thorn
* Call to the Folk Mark Ludwig Stinson
* Hail Jerry Parker
* War Prayer Michael Schütz

* Prayer for Recovery Michaela Macha
* Hail to thee Hazel-Kate Dooley 
* Silence Michael Schütz
* Abend-Bede (Evening Prayer)  Ann Gróa Sheffield 
* The Gods Before Me  Michaela Macha

"Let the beauty you love be what you do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground." - Rumi

* Forn Sidr´s Statement of Belief Ole Gotved 
* Asynjur Chant  Michaela Macha
* Aesir Hear Us  Michaela Macha
* Hear me Aesir Egil Stenseth 
* Troth Jackie Hannigan 

* Sigdrifa´s Prayer Robert Falkenstein
* Sigdrifa´s Prayer Galina Krasskova
* Sigdrifa´s Prayer & Song K. C. Hulsman
* A Night-Time Bede Larisa C Hunter
* A Self Challenge Larisa C Hunter

* May our Warriors be Strong Loraine Canaday
* Asatru Prayer  Dmitri Redski  
* Thankful am I Dan Ralph Miller
* Prayer for Prayer Beads Elizabeth Vongvisith
* Evening Prayer
Robert Etter

* Viking Drinking Toast Eddie-David Berrier
* Triad Eddie-David Berrier
* Viking Prayer Andy Brasher
* Hail to Mine Fathers
Eddie-David Berrier
* A Prayer For My Beads Larisa C Hunter

* Heathen Serenity Prayer Michaela Macha
* Dear Gods: A Prayer before Sleeping Anna-Lena Kramer-Güth
* Sign of the Hammer Justin L. O'Brien
* Distanced Justin L. O'Brien
* For As I Lay to Slumber Larisa C Hunter

* Call Michael Koudelka
* Anglo-Saxon Prayer Justin Douglas Blackford

"In a sense this Northern mythology asks more of men, even makes more of them, than does Christianity,
for it offers them no heaven, no salvation, no reward for virtue except the sombre satisfaction of having done what is right."
- Tom Shippey, The Road to Middle Earth (2003), p.156

May you have peace, plenty and a good year! Ar ok Friđr !

Child Blessings
* Blessing for a Heathen Child Michaela Macha
* Asatru Child Blessing Michaela Macha

Wedding Blessings
* Wedding Blessing Jordsvin

Meal Blessings
* A Meal Blessing Ann Gróa Sheffield 
* A Meal Blessing Joshua Tenpenny
* Asatru Food Blessing Dmitri Redski
* Feast Blessing Darí Einarfjórđison
* Nerthus Meal Blessing Jordsvin

Home Blessings
Frith in your homes and strength within your hearts!
* Heathen Housewarming Blessing Michaela Macha
* Home Blessing Michaela Macha (trad., adapted)
* Runestone House Blessing Analemma McKee-Schwenke
* Anglo-Saxon Hallowing Charm Galina Krasskova

Garden Blessings

* A Garden Blessing
Nornoriel Vanyahildë

Healing Blessings
* Healing Charm Yves Kodratoff  

Journey / Parting Blessings
"Unharmed go forth, and unharmed return, unharmed back home!  - Vafthrudnismál
* By Water and Land Michaela Macha
* May The Road Rise Up To Meet You Michaela Macha (trad., adapted)
* Asatru Blessing Dmitri Redski

Other Blessings
"May the Gods stand between you and harm, in all the empty places you must walk." - From Old Egypt
* Blessing  Michaela Macha
* Old Norse Blessings compiled by Michaela Macha
* May Life Always Grant You  Michaela Macha (trad., adapted)
* Through Time and Tide Diana Paxson
* Gods Bless the Earth Michaela Macha
* Donar Chant Juleigh Howard-Hobson

* Moon Blessing Darí Einarfjórđison


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